Recently I published a book about the fundamentals of fiddle music (Once Upon A String: Fiddle Fundamentals). I feel that so many foundational concepts are overlooked in our rush to play our first tune, so I put them all in one place for anyone to incorporate into their practice. This book is for brand new players, for parents who would like to support their child’s practice at home, as well as for fiddlers who are missing key aspects of technique and who are wanting to go back and see which steps they may have missed along the way.

I have married my study of the brain and music training with my years of teaching to create a book that facilitates learning according to how our neurocognitive processes function. For example, because we can only remember so many things at a time (this is called Working Memory), the book incorporates checklists as visual reminders for how we hold the violin, how we hold the bow, and so on. It also emphasizes automaticity of each aspect of technique so that we are freed up to incorporate other aspects of playing. I also separate left and right hand learning.

I have worked on this book for many years, and it has taken a long time to come to fruition. You can find it here on my website and hopefully in a few months it will be in a music store close to you. If you have it already, or are thinking about purchasing it, I would love to hear your feedback!